Question about the Refillable Mug

I have read the review of the “Rapid Fill” Refillable Mugs on the “Unofficial resort guide to Riverside and French Quarter”

It said: “It will still be possible to buy a single drink at the food courts, and the paper cups will also contain an RFID chip coded for several refills over the next couple of hours.Coffee, hot chocolate, iced tea and water/ice are NOT restricted by the chips.”

Is that mean you can buy a single drink and also can have several refills of Coffee or ice tea over the next couple of hours ?


In fact, if you were so inclined, you could keep that cup for the duration of your trip (not sure how long it would really last before breaking down physically), and refill it with:
Hot Tea
Iced Tea
Hot Chocolate

None of those beverages are RF activated.

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If you fill it at the soda machines it will tell you how much time you have left. For water you can just ask for a water cup at any time. It will not work for a coke product but you can get filtered water.

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Thank you !
I love to have more than one cup of coffee in the morning, but I really don’t like to drink any soda or coke.
I didn’t add the Dining plan for my trip, I am just consider if I need to purchase a refillable mug ?

Run the numbers - how many days? Where are you staying? There are pod coffee makers in moderate and deluxe rooms. A cup of coffee in the food court is not very expensive- but a mug is 17.99 plus tax.

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Thank you
I will stay for 4 nights and leave at the 5th day morning.

Then it may come down to- do you want the souvenir cup?

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Thanks PrincipalTinker, that really is another key-point !
Maybe I will want to have a souvenir cup…


I’m in the same quandry. My DD and I are going to be at POFQ in August and I took off the dining plan, so the mug is now an extra cost. She doesn’t drink soda, so it’ll really be for me if I get one. (one of many reasons that we took off the dining plan)

So now it’s: do I need a new mug or not? Well, I don’t need a new mug, but they are fun to have…


Since you can get water and ice without a mug, can I bring my old refillable mug or my Yeti to get ice water?

If we are there in March and June, will the refillable drink mugs be good for both trips, or would we have to buy them twice?

You’ll have to buy them twice.

They usually validate them for 14 days, and if you are there longer you can take your receipt and they will revalidate them until the end of your stay. But they will see that on MDE you have a continuing or back-to-back reservations.

I don’t think they would do it for you. Sorry :frowning_face:

Don’t see why not. Any cup will do to get water or ice.

They are good for 14 days. There is a slight “work around” that I heard on the Backside of Magic podcast. When you buy the mug you can ask the CM to hit the button 4-5 times ( each time is 14 days). I guess the podcast guys do it-I have never used their tricks - but I am passing it along.

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