Question about the first week of November at DLR

Don’t know if anyone knows this, but it’s worth a try.

We are heading south from Alaska and plan to be in Anaheim on the 4-7th of November, so we will be between the Halloween decorations and the Christmas decorations, as it says they start on November 8th. I’m curious about what to expect. Will it be half Halloween and half Christmas? No holiday overlay? Just part of the Christmas decorations. I guess it’s not really important, but taking my grandkids for the first time, and want it to still be magical.


Two years ago we did the same thing. Most of the Halloween decorations come down quickly. Within a day or two of the last party/Halloween. Then the holiday decor goes up in stages. Each day we woke up and more was in place! It was kind of magical bc a lot of it happens overnight and I don’t know how they can work that fast.

A couple of days before the official start of the holidays they have most of it up. I remember even the holiday music was playing. But the parade and holiday entertainment doesn’t start yet.

For decor, they prioritize the parks, then Downtown Disney, then the hotels. We stayed at Paradise Pier and that wasn’t complete until the end of the first official weekend.

So you will like get to see some, but not all, of the holidays. It’s pretty cool to see it all happening in real time! Have a great trip!


I was there in 2016 on some of those dates and it had some of the Christmas decorations up. Mostly Halloween though. They were actually recording something while we were there for a Christmas special.