Question about sharing memory maker with a friend

Ok so I just connected with my friend who has memory maker activated on her account. I show up under her account now which means I should be able to later get my photos via her account.

My question is, how does she add my family members to her list? I’ve had her try but since everyone in my family shares my email it doesn’t want to send an invitation to them. My concern is that a ride photo might not show up if my DH and DS go on a ride without me. Or does everyone under my account get shared under hers automatically?

Somewhere, there is a guide to doing this…let’s see who can find it fastest…I’m looking now.

Sharing Disney’s Memory Maker (pdf for PC and most devices).pdf (2.2 MB)

Look at this around page 15 (I think) to see how to add people who are on your Friends and Family list already once you are connected.


It worked, thanks!