Question about SDD wait time on touring plan . .

We will be in DHS on 11/15/18 with a regular park opening at 9:00 a.m. and a crowd level of 2. We were unable to score a FP+ for SDD, and my current touring plan has us getting over to TSL at 9:46 a.m. with a SDD wait time of 30 minutes. (We want to ride RnR/ToT twice so will rope drop those and ride again with FP+ later) . I’m a little skeptical about this SDD wait time. If it’s accurate, I’m okay with that and will leave my plan as is. If, however, it’s more likely to be an hour or more wait at that time of the morning, I may want to rearrange my plan to rope drop it and then head over to Sunset Blvd. We would then return to TSL around 10:45am for our TSMM FP+. Any thoughts?

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Perhaps it dips after the initial RD spike??? Maybe others know the answer. I have no idea about the specific time on your TP, but around 920 last week on a CL 3 day, SDD was 90 minutes. We had RD SDD and ridden TSM by that point but as we headed out of TSL we saw the posted wait time and thought that the crazy dash to get to SDD was worth it.

I would assume it’s not accurate - there isn’t enough data yet to be accurate, and because it’s new it draws more of a crowd than it will in the long run.

You’ll almost certainly have over an hour’s wait for Slinky at 9:45am. I would rope drop Slinky and ride TSM straight after (if you’re interested in that) before moving on to the rest of the park. Book RnRC or ToT Fastpasses for the 9-10 slot since you can get there before the end of the grace period. You also have a good chance of picking up extra Fastpasses for RnRC and ToT later in the day if you want to ride them more than once - just keep refreshing. Slinky is trickier but it can be done, especially with a smaller party of 3-4. :slight_smile:

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What is a “CL” day?

It’s short for crowd level. It’s taken from the crowd calendar.