Question about SD FOP drop today

We have 3 tier 2 fp for AK today. If we try for the 11:01 fop drop, can we modify one of those tier 2s? Or should we tap and dump the 3rd one and start from scratch with a 4th FP at 11:01?

You can modify one of your existing ones.

Good luck!


Thanks! Is it better to try for 2 at once or one at a time?

I would try for both.

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How much later in the day is the drop usually for?

From memory others reported the 3.01 one was for 4.30-6ish

That’s what I experienced. We were able to grab 1 or 2 at a time for a party of 5.

Oh so you couldn’t just grab them for the whole party of five at once?! I’ve not seen that reported before for a Same Day drop.

We didn’t actually try because we hadn’t really seen five of anything all day. So we took the approach of multiple phones going for smaller or single overlapping times. Withing 10 minutes everything was gone again. We had one that only allowed for about 5 minute overlap and never had any luck modifying it.

Okay, thanks for that. I THINK getting five should work fine as they’ve all just dropped in. I’ve never heard anyone recommend you need to splice them, but we’ll definitely be trying both approaches if that doesn’t work next month!

Got it! 1210!