Question about Room Requests

Can I send my Room Request now? I received a message that my request will be sent 30 days prior to my arrival, but now I’m about 20…does it still get sent to the hotel?

Yes it will be sent automatically.

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Do room requests really work? I booked my package through a travel agent, how detailed should I be when asking for a room?

When you do it through TP you can select a specific room, and the fax prepopulates with that and other similar rooms. You can alter it however you want.

I always ask for a specific room and put a nice note explaining why. I’ve had the exact room, a couple of rooms down the same corridor, same building but different floor, and last trip in Aug I asked to be in the same building as my parents (who also had a request in) - they got a quiet top floor room but in a different building, but then we were both upgraded to river view from standard so they could put us together (1 room in between us) because of my request.

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I got the section and floor I requested last week, but not the specific building.

We were at Saratoga Springs and I really just wanted The Grandstand and not the ground floor so I left the building number closest to The Springs in the subject line with nothing else, and then in the notes I said that we would like to be in The Grandstand because we wanted a quiet pool, and that we don’t like ground floor because we’re afraid of critters on the patios.

Requests are only requests. The assigners try their best, but sometimes there is just not a room that meets them.

That is why I always prioritize my requests so they know what is most important. As an example from a few stats ago when I was at Sports Preferred.

“I would like to make these requests for my room:
1st Priority - Surf’s Up section
2nd Priority - Top floor
3rd Priority - Corner Room”

That way the assigner knew where to start. Look at the available rooms in Surf’s Up. Then look to see if any of those were on the top floor. Then look to see if any of those were a corner room.

I ended up Surf’s Up top floor one room from a corner.

But if I had said “I’d like a corner room on the top floor of Surf’s Up”, the same stuff was requested, but it would not be as clear which was the higher priority. The assigner might have thought corner room was most important. Or might have just said “I have no clue” and randomly assigned me.

I’ll also add that the pre-populated text is in “assigner-speak” - the direction/location info is in the language their system understands.