Question about Room Request

As far as DVC room requests go, these are my thoughts.

Before the change to doing all room assignments centrally, which was when TP were asked to send them in by email at 30 days prior (fall 2019 IIRC), each resort had it’s own team of room assigners.

DVC members were advised (by DVC) to submit room requests to Member Services so they could be added directly to the DVC reservation (which regular CMs didn’t have access to). And the official position of the DVC teams was to ignore faxes with room requests.

Whether they read them or not was down to individuals, and some teams were certainly reputed to ignore anything not on the actual reservation.

Now that everything is done centrally, there’s no need to go through Member Services. And anecdotally, DVC room requests through TP are more likely to be successful than previously.

But it’s only the TP community that really knows about the change, it wasn’t announced. For everyone else, who doesn’t use the TP room request tool, going through Member Services is still the only way for making room requests.

The really important thing is to NOT do anything at on-line check-in. And to make sure that any request to Member Services matches your TP request if you decide to do both.


I have found recently that adding requests to DVC is similar to calling the call center. It generally has shown as the default online check in request such as “high floor”. I have had dvc resorts refer to my TP request.

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May be a helpful article

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I love it when they update their blog posts!


I also have a similar room request question for my situation. I used the TP room request to request - at Pop - a 4th floor west-facing (I think, whichever the direction the lake is) room in the 50s or 60s sections. Standard room. Have four examples of room numbers that fit this.The choices for online check in are only 50s, 70s, ground floor, king bed. So I just leave it blank, and not put any requests in here? Or should I put 50s as my first request and leave the second one blank?

I’ve heard from various sources that filling out the requests section of online check-in will override any other requests you’ve put in. So if you’ve used the TP email or put requests on any other way, it’s best to leave it blank.


Agee with @lizzieanne771, leave it blank when you do on-line check-in.