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My TP Room Request is set to be sent tonight. I’ve done these a number of times in the past, and I have always kept my special requests for incidentals, etc. off of the TP Request and just added them to my reservation through WDW. I thought we were supposed to keep it simple for better chance of success. Has that changed? My email from TP yesterday said that I can include additional information on the request form. (For example, I always request to have a tea kettle in the kitchen, extra hangers in the closets and extra luggage racks.)

I always do the very opposite.

I load up my TP room fax request with all of the information, and I enter nothing or nearly nothing on the WDW check-in page


My extra info is usually an explanation of why we want that room so if we can’t get it they can find one similar, and if we’re celebrating anything.


If you submit a TP request I would include anything on there.

When that request is received, the chances are someone will find your reservation nd copy and paste it in. Therefore it could override anything you may have already requested by phone.

Since you don’t know when that will actually happen, it would be risky calling to request other things. You could also call housekeeping to ask for things like extra hangers.


I personally would not add all the items like hangers and tea kettles to a room request bc I don’t want it to distract from the actual location requests. The more stuff you add to a room request, the less likely they are to read it all the way through imo.
I would just call and ask for that stuff after I get in the room.


What @ninjasherrie said. I’d keep it simple.


I always thought the TP requests were for room locations - not for things like extra pillows, etc.

I keep mine pretty simple - first I leave the wording in the top line as-is since that is (as I understand it) in room assigner language. Hence I do not have just one room number in there (which is why I consider a room in that vicinity a success).

Then in the additional information field, I have a simple greeting and something as a brief introduction (for July it is something like “Hi! I am so excited to be fulfilling a lifelong dream and spending my 50th birthday at the Polynesian!”), then I say something like
“I would love to request a room…
1st Priority - Aotearoa 3rd floor, North Facing
2nd priority - Fiji…
3rd priority - Tuvalu…

Most important request is THIRD FLOOR”

And then say thanks!

If you have multiple requests for the room it is best to prioritize them so they know what is most important. Also, I try to avoid “negative requests” such as “No connecting room” because it is too easy for them to miss the “no” or “not”.


I do change the wording in the top line, since the TP default doesn’t really reflect my priorities. The thing that’s really important to my group is to get adjoining rooms, so I really focus on that. Here’s one from my last trip:

For our upcoming stay, we’d like to request this kind of room: Disney’s BoardWalk Villas. Adjoining Rooms. Exmple:5065, 5063

We will be traveling with Jane Doe, confirmation number XXXXXXXXXX.

Our highest priority is to get adjoining rooms. If this is not possible, we would like the rooms to be as close to each other as you can manage.

Anything you could do to keep us close will be very much appreciated! Thank you.

I did make sure that the specific room numbers I gave were rooms we would like overall in terms of area of the hotel, floor level, vicinity to the elevators / stairs, etc. We ended up very close to our specified rooms - we were in 5064 and 5066.


I don’t change the wording for the rooms, they know what that means and I don’t want to mess with that. A bit like resume scanning software, what if the first step is they match on keywords?

But then I add the explanation - essentially what I put into the room Finder in the first place and why.

Like “I’d like to be as close to the Rafiki elevator as possible, and would prefer a lower floor, such as the examples above”


One thing to be careful of is word usage.

Adjoining in hotel-speak means next to, back to back, or across the hall but WITHOUT a door between them.

If you are wanting to request a door between the rooms, the hotel terminology is CONNECTING.


People confuse these terms all the time and I think they end up sorry for it.


Yep. I used to work in hotel reservations at a hotel in Nashville and I would always clarify what the caller meant. Not everyone would, and sometimes even with my questioning the guest would insist they meant adjoining - I always made a note in the reservation when this happened. More than once we’d hear someone at the front desk (our office was directly behind the desk) yelling that they had requested adjoining rooms but not gotten them - they HAD, either across the hall or next door but no door in between them.


I agree, that is something to be careful of. I wanted (and got) adjoining rooms, i.e. next to one another. We couldn’t get connecting rooms because there are no connecting studio villas at Boardwalk, and that was the room type we reserved.

poohfanclub, you can use the touring plans room finder to figure out if rooms are connecting or just adjoining.

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Thanks everyone!

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@Beth33 or whoever…

Our group will be split between 2 rooms on different confirmation numbers under different names (DVC through David’s). Do I need to put in 2 separate room requests through TP both referencing each other, or just one that references the other?

I would say put them in both referencing each other, bc you don’t know which request the room assigner will open first.


We rented two rooms through David’s at BW and another two at AKL, also through Dave’s. We had Dave’s ask the points owners to note the request to member services. I think the owner made the request when they booked our dining plan and magical express.

When I first asked Dave’s about room requests they said:

We are told that the room assignment is done at check-in, but if you do online check-in you can add a comment for your room preference to assist Disney staff in advance and we recommend reminding them when you arrive to the resort.

I pushed a bit, and they agreed to ask the owner to speak directly with member services to request that the rooms adjoin. (And if I recall correctly, they also insisted that connecting rooms were rooms that were next to each other without a connecting door… but that’s a different can of worms.)

Once the owner took care of the request, we got the following info:

Your room request has been noted on your reservation by the DVC owner that booked your stay… Please keep in mind to not select any room requests through the online check-in process as this will override the room request that the DVC owner has noted on your reservation."

We also submitted the TP fax; we only did one per resort and it seemed to work out. We got rooms close to the numbers we gave in the fax, so I do think that they paid attention to the fax. I don’t imagine that it would hurt to submit a fax for each room. If I did that, I’d probably made a note of it in the body of the text.

Ok, sorry this turned out so long!

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I think I’m going to interpret this as “many roads lead to Rome” and just put in the two requests via TP. Our DVC rooms are two different owners, and that feels like a less paved route with more room for missteps.

I set up a second trip in TP to put in the request for the second room. Was that a correct way to do that?

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Sounds good!

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Yes that’s the way to do it.

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