Question about personalized TP's

If the TP software allows me to add certain attractions and/or QS places to my plan, does that mean they are open and operating? Doing some last minute tweaking on my TP’s, and I was able to add Voices of Liberty for my Epcot day, and Kusafiri Bakery for my AK day, but I’m not sure either are open and operating?

Quick answer is No.

Long answer is they try to keep it up to date and I know some closed attractions etc do show as closed but not always, with Dining how it is at the moment I would 100% double check on disney app/website.

I found when I was making TP on the app (regular plans) it would not let me optimize a plan if something was not open. I generally started using the covid plans to make that easier (sometimes I couldn’t figure out what was wrong). Although I know that some new unopened attractions have been added to liner future plans with no issues.

I have a question that probably demonstrates my complete lack of technical savvy. When using a pre-made personal touring plan in the app while in the park, is there a way to add an additional attraction or reorder the steps? My plans are always very loose and change often. I’ve figured out how to check off attractions that are done but if for instance something isn’t running when I had planned to ride it, how can I make adjustments? The modify button seems to only allow changes to start and end time, etc.

It usually gives you very specific information about why it cannot be optimized and what you need to do to rectify it. Weird that it didn’t give you that!!

I haven’t tried since it was rolled out early. Often I would get a message, make a change and I couldn’t clear the message.

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Have you tried re-optimizing in the parks?

No, and sadly I’m not there now to try it :disappointed_relieved:. I get frustrated with optimizing because it moves things that I want to stay put. In the old app as I recall you could move up/move down attractions and sometimes I want to add something I didn’t originally put in. I’m sure there is some way to do these things…

You can move with evaluate?

Now I can’t even get past the login page on the app, even though I changed my password trying to do so. It doesn’t do anything when I hit login. The monk is obviously sound :sleeping: asleep! Although I like the look of the new app, it has not been user friendly to me. I need a cheat sheet of instructions for it maybe! I couldn’t figure out how to submit times so even though I meant to do so last trip I couldn’t. I did see someone else ask how since then so now I know to click the clock icon. And as above can’t make changes to add attractions or change order while using a personal plan. Help @len!

Did you see this? Will it help?

Wow! That’s something. So you can’t log in, right? What happens if you try?

Once you get your login issues sorted…

Modify let’s you add or subtract steps:

And Evaluate let’s you drag around steps to your preferred order…

Optimize will re-order steps so be thoughtful in using that! (I often keep two copies of a TP, one that I play with Optimize and one that I only use Evaluate.)