Question about past discounts and expectations

Hey all,
This may be more of a speculation thread as the reality is we never know what the exact discounting of tickets will be or when.

That said, last year Disney released a discount rate of 15%-30% off room-only rates for general public (also bookable as package) in late April. Its been a while, but if I recall, room only rates apply to the base nightly rate of the hotel only and then you just added the ticket package for your total when you book. I also recall the Contemporary, Grand Floridan and Ploy were in the 25-30% range. The piece I cannot seem to recall is if there is typically a minimum night for these package…does anyone know off the top of their head? (or do any of my recollections seem off? )

I have a package booked and when the room discount came up - I think around March 21, I called that day. We are staying in a suite in AoA and received 20% off our room - so we saved $500. Yay! I had been stalking the Disney discount page waiting for it to show up. I think the discount goes up for more expensive hotels. Good luck!

If you haven’t heard by now out here, Magical Vacations Travel (MVT) offers much better discounts on room only than you can get going via Disney Travel. They do NOT always have the dates or resort you may be looking for but they have discounts up to 50% . They go through Disney but not the regular route. They use Disney’s business and convention Dept. so they get better discounts. Been talked about out here quite a bit and I and my wife just saved $1000 on our last vacation using them. Go to their site and ask for a quote on the times and resort you have in mind. The higher class the resort the more you save.

I’ll definitely check them out!! Thanks

Yeah there’s usually a minimum number of nights