Question about park reservations

I hope this doesn’t sound too confusing…

So we have a vacation package for 5 nights with 6 day tickets. I made park reservations Tuesday-Sunday. But now we have to depart earlier Sunday morning so won’t go to a park. We’re actually arriving to Orlando on the Saturday before, staying offsite until Tuesday. So can I use my 6th day ticket on Monday before checking in Tuesday? Will I be able to reserve a park? Or do the 6 days we use tickets have to be Tue-Sun? Also can’t change the resort dates because I got a discount and they told me if I switch dates I lose that quoted discount :grimacing:

I’d rather not call so hoping you all might know!

What does the fine print on your tickets say and have you tried canceling the Sunday park reservation and adding Monday?

I don’t think so? Your tickets are associated with a package and won’t be active. You might be able to activate it early, at GS- maybe- but you can’t book a park until then?

Can you see your tickets in My Disney Experience? There is a tab on the webpage where your hotel reservations, park reservations are that says Tickets. From there is there a way for you to modify the dates they are currently available? Like a Change Ticket link?

Keep in mind changing your starting date will also change your expiration date typically and might cost a little bit.