Question about online Check-in

I have a room reservation (not a package) with PH discount. Once I do online check-in, do I lose the opportunity to cancel the reservation? (Nervously awaiting more bad news this week on Coronavirus outbreak :worried:)

On-line check in is really nothing at all. You don’t even have to do it. It’s simply to set up a credit card for your stay or tell them about your needs. Has nothing to do with your reservation as far as keeping or canceling it.


Thank you! 2 cases of coronavirus reported in Tampa Bay area this morning :anguished:

We have a case or two in North Dakota. So it is about everywhere and just walking by a person in a shopping mall could cause the spread. I am having to rethink my WDW plans like you but unless Florida becomes saturated and ND doesn’t, I guess I am going for it.

I’m a total germaphobe - using hospital-grade disinfectant on planes, in hotel rooms, restaurants, and after every theme park ride for years!! So, I completely understand the fear.

This is typical media hype! How many people have seasonal influenza in ND? This isn’t being put into perspective at all. We are flying the last week of March and will be at Disney and in central FL for 10 days. No way will I even consider not going! I’m more worried panic will set in and they’ll close the parks. To be fair, if my kids or I had a chronic medical condition I probably would be more concerned. Total honesty - I did pay for n95 air masks (with cool ventilator) just in case we need them for the flights.

This should be a lesson about living life to the fullest because each day is a gift.

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I agree. At this point our trip is still a go. That said, things are changing daily and we both might find WDW closed down by the time we are going to go. There is a point where reason must take over and if Florida becomes highly infected I and my wife will have to cancel everything. On the other hand if ND becomes highly infected a WDW trip might be strongly in order

No wait, those two in ND are just under home quarantine aren’t they?

well the other day now they said ND has NO cases so far so maybe they were cleared.

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Good! I was thinking, if ND has cases already, we’re doomed!