Question about modifying FP

I searched and couldn’t find the answer to this so I’m sorry if it’s been addressed. Just thinking about our AK day. We are planning to FP KS, FOP (if possible), and EE. We are hitting EE at RD to ride a few times in a row so we may not need a FP for that later in the day. What I’m wondering is if we modify our EE FP on our AK day, is it possible that Nav’i may come up as a possibility even though we had FOP as one of our three FP and we haven’t used the initial three?

No, Navi won’t come up if you modify EE. Navi will only come up if you modify FOP since you can have an FP for either Navi or FOP. After you have used FOP, then you could try for Navi.

Oh ok! Good to know! That’s what I was sort of wondering if I’d already used the FOP FP and then tried to modify my existing EE, would Nav’i come up. Sounds like it would if it’s available. Thanks!

I think you would have to use all three original FP first. I should have clarified that. Sorry.

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Realistically, what is the chance NRJ will be available as a fourth fastpass?

Depends how many of you there are. It’s always worth a try. :slight_smile: