Question about memory maker share

OK…I have a question about adding family and friends. I am planning for my party of 8. We are linked to dummy account with purchased memory maker.

No one else in my party has a My Disney Experience Account. Do they need their own accounts? I am really confused…and I am the “leader” of the share!!

It looks like other folks in share have invited adults and those invites are all still pending.

I looked online but only found old info. Thanks!

No, your family members do not need their own MDE accounts. As long as all show up in the dummy account as friends & family you are all set.

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Thanks. I will try to figure out how to do that!

I think it depends if @memphismom is doing all the planning for the whole group of 8. Won’t all of them need to be listed in an MDE account with links to park tickets and magic bands? You can add people all you want, but if they are not truly linked with park tickets, any ride pictures they do or photopass that they scan magic bands for will not show up. If one person does all the planning and has all the tickets linked to their account, that is fine, but I’m pretty sure if that’s not the case, somebody else is going to have to have an MDE account in order to have actual vacation plans (i.e. tickets, hotel, etc). Am I wrong? Is it possible to book a Disney trip these days without having an MDE account?

My husband created an account and I was able to add him to dummy account. But when I email others they can’t join group because they don’t have their own account. And they are all over 18…not sure if that matters.

Seconding the question above - I’m completely unfamiliar with the idea of someone being able to have a ticket but not actually exist in MDE somewhere.

In my situation, even if the individuals don’t have their own accounts, they are listed under someone as a guest whose plans are managed by the account. For example, my husband doesn’t have his own MDE, but he exists as a profile in my MDE.

To connect him to the dummy account I used in the last trip, I used his name and details with the email address associated with my account. Through the dummy account, I was able to send a request to connect.

I am not sure what the problem is. I must be doing something wrong!
I invite them, add email and then nothing happens when they accept the invitation.

Are they listed as a guest anywhere in MDE?

when they accept the invitation, it probably takes them to MDE to make an account. If they don’t do that, nothing is linked.

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They either need to have their own MDE or be on someone else’s MDE account. If they are on another person’s MDE account, the email request needs to go to the email address of the one who is managing their plans.

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Yep this.

sorry if I added confusion - I read the OP as whether they needed their OWN accounts, as opposed to being on her MDE. Agree with the above posts that they need to be on an account somewhere

I figured it out!!!

I had to add them by reservation number!! I knew it had to be something easy I was missing.

Thank you all for the help!