Question about HS Rope Drop / DAS

We were at MK yesterday for rope drop. We learned that you can’t get a DAS return time until ride is officially open and a wait time is posted. Seems obvious now but wasn’t at 7AM yesterday (first time using DAS).

My question is for HS rope drop, what rides are typically open before 9AM official park opening? Are these rides open with a wait time posted and therefore eligible for DAS or will we have to wait until 9AM / any official park opening to use DAS bc that’s when official wait times are posted?

My plan was to have the rest of my group leisurely stroll to RnRC and ToT while I bust it to SDD to get a DAS return time but I’d prefer not to do that at 7:15-7:30 if I’m going to get to SDD and no wait time be posted which makes the haul pointless (happened to me for Splash yesterday).

Thanks everyone in advance.

If I remember correctly, we all went to Runaway Railway at rope drop, then got the DAS for Smugglers Run. We rode Star Tours while we waited. Then the plan was to get a DAS for SDD and wait for TSMM, but when we went to get the SDD, the CM asked if we were doing anything right then and let us go on immediately. We then got a return time for TSMM and sat while we waited to rest weary legs. We did RnRRC after lunch.

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And since you can get a DAS return time at any of the blue guest services umbrellas, we didn’t have to cross the park multiple times which was wonderful.


Wow 6 days away and now I have to redo my TPs. Thanks for the heads up

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A heads up, MK didn’t have blue umbrella stands. There were supposed to be guest relations cast members walking around but we never saw any. HS had lots of blue umbrella guest relations cast members out and about.