Question about Happily Ever After on Disney After Hours Event

I just noticed that on one of the days we are intending to spend in Magic Kingdom, a Disney After Hours Event is scheduled to start at 9pm-12am. The Happily Ever After Fireworks is scheduled at 9pm on the same night. We were not intending on getting the Disney After Hours Event tickets but still wanted to see Happily Ever After. Will we be asked to leave the park before the fireworks occur because we dont have tickets to the special event or be allowed to watch them? Just not sure what the procedures are concerning these types of events - this is our first time visiting Disneyworld.

You will be able to watch the fireworks. After that is when they will start checking armbands for After Hours tickets. Enjoy!


Yep! And from reports, they are being super vigilant about it! I’ve seen a picture of a row of about 6 or 7 CMs across a path where they are actively checking and turning people without wristbands away from even walking around. (As they should! We pay big bucks for these small-crowd events!)

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No need to leave :slight_smile: Enjoy the show!

Thanks for the replies. I’m glad we can watch the fireworks without being escorted out the park! Do they allow people time to shop before they go or is it pretty much the second it finishes they usher you out? I can totally understand them stopping people going on rides especially as people have paid the extra money for the event. It will be our second day in Magic Kingdom so probably the last opportunity to pick some merchandise up.

If it is during Villains After Hours, they may let you shop a little (but not for event merchandise - you have to show a wristband for that) but since there is entertainment at the Hub starting at 11, and roaming Maleficent dragon at 10:40 I would imagine they do not want non-party people staying for too long. Because for Villains, the entertainment is part of what people paid for.


We are going in September - the event is just advertised as Disney After Hours between 9 pm and midnight.