Question about "Gift of Magic" room sale

I’ve been watching the gift of magic room sale and the room category that I’ve booked hasn’t come on sale for our day. But there are others in that resort that come and go from the price page. Is it worth phoning Disney to see if I can get a better price on my room or is the website pretty accurate?

I have found that the website is very accurate. I have called a couple of times to apply a discount I have seen for my room type, or to change room type and a few times the person on the phone has tried to “up sell” me. Each time I have told them I could see what I wanted online and they have then “found” the room.

What resort/room type are you looking for? You will not consider changing?

I have Contemporary Theme Park view. The Bay Lake view has been on sale, as have the Garden Wing view and the Atrium levels. So I have a desirable room, which is maybe why it’s not available.

But I wondered if the CMs have the ability to apply the 10% off to an existing reservation or if I would have to change to get that.

You can call and ask- you do not lose anything for trying but why would CR only be a 10% discount? Is that all that is offered? What about Poly or GF? You could almost get a CL theme park view for OOP CR cost?

This is what I’m seeing:

The day I’m looking for just says:

Is the view of the fireworks at GF as good (or better?) than at the Contemporary? What about the Poly?

I would call and ask about the discount and run the numbers. If your room is eligible for the discount they will apply it and that would be 60-80 a night? GF and Poly would be nice too but CR you can walk. Call!

We’re currently paying $750 for the night, which means a tidy $75 savings (plus tax) if I get the sale. Even on sale, both Poly and GF Theme Park rooms are more expensive. And yes, the walking to the park in the morning is the huge plus for us.

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