Question About Garden Grocer or Amazon Pantry Delivery to CSR

If we place an order for grocery delivery to CSR, will they (CSR) charge us because they are a convention resort?

Where do we go to pick up our items or are they delivered to our room?

This will be our first time at CSR and also our first time ordering groceries online. Any helpful tips or hints we should know about?


Yes, last year CSR charged us $10 to pick up our prime pantry box. I have heard that they don’t charge for Garden Grocer, but Garden Grocer charges you a $14 delivery fee. I compared prices for both and Prime Pantry was hands down a better deal for what we needed. They will direct you to the business center to pick it up.

Thank you for responding! I guess I will have to put a ‘box’ together to see if it would be worth it or if it would be more economical to grab an Uber and go shopping once we get there.

Depending on what you want to order, AmazonNow is available at the resorts. They deliver for a small fee within an hour or for free if you can wait longer. We will be ordering once we hit the airport.

I didn’t even think of that. I have the PrimeNow app on my phone but it’s not yet available in my area. Good to know that I can use it while there! Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

We stayed at BLT twice (deliveries go to Contemporary which is a convention resort) but we were only charged for our Amazon Pantry delivery once. (It was $10.) For some reason, we weren’t charged on our most recent trip.
Either way, a $10 convention charge and/or a $14 Garden Grocer delivery charge is WELL worth it, in my opinion. You will spend more on an Uber - not to mention the invaluable time savings by not having to take precious time out of your trip to run errands. :wink: