Question about fast passes in two parks?

on our last day, thinking of going to Epcot just to FP either Soarin or Test Track first thing and then hopping to MK until our flight. If I only use 1 FP in epcot, will I be able to get additional in MK or do I have to make 2 extra dummy FP in Epcot that I won’t use?

you can only pick one park at a time for fpp’s. So you’ll have to make up a couple of dummies. OR Rope Drop EPCOT and take your chances with standby for Soarin and TT.

Can’t you cancel the other 2 in EP and then be able to go to the kiosk in MK?

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Yep I believe so. Along the same lines of booking one Tier 1 and two throw aways. Using your Tier one and then cancelling the other two thow aways. Rushing to book the second tier 1. I have not tried to go to another park but it seems like it should work.

I’d save the fpp for mk and rope drop Soarin then single rider at tt

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I’m doing basically the same thing 3 weeks from now. I have 2 in EPCOT, don’t need any more, then hopping to MK. I’m curious, did this work for you?