Question about Epcot Gates

If I’m riding the bus from AOA will I be dropped at the main gate? Is there a way to get to the Intl Gateway and enter there?
Thinking about starting our EPCOT day later and hitting up Frozen first and then into Future World…
FP+ day is tomorrow and I’m panicking and questioning everything! LOL

The only way to enter through the IG is to take a bus to one of the BW resorts and then either walk or take the boat. In a few years, you’ll be able to take the new gondola…

I’m not sure what you would gain by entering at the IG as opposed to the Main Entrance - it is pretty much the same distance to Frozen either way.

The only advantage would be fewer people at IG. But, I find that bag check is fast at both entrances.

It may look closer on a map, but if you veer to the left side when you enter the park at the main entrance, you’ll be in Norway faster than going to an Epcot resort (as @bswan26 mentions) and wallking from that point.

Good to know! It’s our first time at Epcot so I’m flying blind on this one. I’ll stick with the main gate!

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