Question about early check-in and room requests on MDE

So Touring Plans has faxed my room requests to BWI for our trip starting Wednesday and has notified me that they have confirmation my fax has been received. I have also done on-line check in with my only request being “highest floor” (also part of my TP room request fax). I’m wondering now if I should check the “Arriving early” box since we plan on being there around 10:30 a.m., and since that overrides any MDE room requests just delete that “highest floor” request. If I do this, will my TP room request fax still be considered?

I think the key is: Do you need your room early when you arrive? If yes and it’s more important than getting the “right” room, then definitely change it. If you don’t really care, as you’ll check carry-ons & head to the parks if no room at 10:30, I’d leave it alone and go for the optimal room.

The odds of your ideal room being available early are likely far, far lower although it also depends on room type and what you requested of course…

I agree with @Damavs, if early arrival is the priority, the less likely any special requests will be met.

I think early arrival defaults to the first available room. I think that would override your requests, including the TP fax.