Question about DVC Rentals

Is there any way to check for last minute availability on DVC Rentals without putting money down? I checked David’s website, but it looks like they require a deposit just to check availability. I am not sure of our plans, so I am hesitant to put money down. It looks like if there is availability, you cannot get your deposit back. I have never rented DVC points (we usually book through WDW with discounts), so I am both curious and nervous about it. I doubt there is anything available anyway. Looking at May.

DVC rental store lists confirmed reservations that are visible without any fee. At this point that’s probably what you’d be looking at for a May trip

I don’t know about looking for overall availability though


I found this helpful when looking for a DVC rental: DVC Availability Tool

It’s updated 2x a day so it may not always be 100% accurate (if they update at 8 am and 8 pm and someone books a room at noon, it may look available on the tool till 8 pm but not actually be - making those times up but you get the idea), but it’ll give you an idea of the likely availability.


That will only tell you what rooms are available, but will not tell you if any of the rental stores have owners with points that can be used in those available rooms.

I think any DVC member here is happy to look up availability for people


Excellent point! It’s a helpful place to start (ex. if there are no rooms available that you want, you don’t need to bother reaching out to a broker about a new rental and you know to focus on confirmed reservations) but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be able to rent that room.


There ateDVC owners who could check availability for you.

The issue is that for rentals there needs to be both availability and an owner with points

For May you probably need a confirmed reservation. Unless someone on here has points.

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I just looked for 5/1-5/30 and within that entire month I only see 4 nights open for a studio at any of the DVC resorts - and none of those nights are together nor at the same resort

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And also, the DVC page has - historically - listed last minute getaways available in the next 60 days. This is a screenshot of what that page looks like today

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Thanks! So no 1 BR villas, right? Currently booked at the Riviera through WDW at a ridiculously high rate. That’s why we were looking into Gran Destino Tower under the PH deal.

Thanks everyone for your replies!

I didn’t look for 1br. You were very non-specific in what you were looking for. I can look more specifically if you’d like.

But 1br are just as spotty. More singular nights across most resorts, but only BR has 2nts together 5/7-9. The rest are single nights here and there across all resorts

Thank you, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to put you to work! I was just throwing out some general questions when I started the thread. We are booked in a 1BR Villa arriving Mon 5/9 and departing Sun 5/15. My son (graduating from college) may be changing our plans for us, so I am hesitant to put down a non-refundable deposit. Thanks so much for looking. I just checked to see if the Deluxe Suite with Club access at the GD Tower was still available under the PH deal and …it’s gone. :cry: That was a really nice deal! I am a procrastinator…

I don’t mind at all! I’m doing some work this afternoon anyway so I’m tethered to my computer for a bit. I love talking Disney!

I’ll check those dates specifically. Please hold.


Yeah still all single nights for those dates, none together except for 2 nights at a 2br or treehouse at SSR

You’re going to need a confirmed reservation for what you’re wanting to do.

I think you’ll need to end up keeping your current reservation.

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Thanks again for checking! Plans are tenuous at this point anyway.

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I did check for confirmed ressies at DVC rental store and nada. Again, single nights here and there

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Thank you!