Question about DVC parking and Laundry

Last few trips have been in a 2brm- so wanted to check the status of laundry (is it still free) when you stay in a DVC studio? And there is no nightly parking fee for DVC owners now?

There is not a parking fee if you are staying at a dvc resort on points.

In a studio you need to go to the shared laundry. The machines are free (you usually have to scan in) but there usually is not laundry detergent in a studio (you can purchase from a machine in the room or the resort store). There was detergent in my studio at GFV.


Thanks, I was reading the TP review of BCV and it mentioned a $25 parking fee and fees for laundry so I wanted to check.

The full answer is that you do not pay the parking fee if:

  • you are staying at a DVC resort on your membership, which includes a cash reservation booked through Member Services, whether on a discounted rate or not

  • you are staying at a Disney owned WDW non-DVC Resort on points (which is a really bad use of points anyway)

  • you are staying at a DVC resort on someone else’s points