Question about Disney Gift Cards

Hey everyone my brother and SIL are taking my niece for her first ever Disney trip for her 4th bday this December. We are planning a trip to Florida for next August. If they were to pick up Disney Gift Cards there can my kids use them in Florida?

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Disney gift cards between Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida are interchangeable as long as you use them at locations that accept gift cards (there are many!). We also find that anything we don’t use up on a trip comes in handy to help us fill a cart of stuff whenever we shop online at

If you want to check a full list of places that accept, will be the place to look :slight_smile:

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On you can also register the cards. That way if they are lost, the balance can easily be transferred to another card. Each card can hold $1,000 and you can have 6 cards registered on the website.


Thanks for the help!

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