Question about Disney Dining Plan

We have been having a discussion about the dining plan. Is there a separation of quick service meals between child and adult? Going by the price you pay I would say there has to be, but a person I work with says they both break to 3 snack credits if you don’t use them. If this is true breaking them to the snack credits would be a bigger value than the Kids quick service wouldn’t it?

It’s true - Quick Service lumps both adult and kids meals together into 1 giant bucket. Depending on your snacks, it probably would be better financially to spend them on snacks instead of a kids meal. But that may be easier said than done unless you’re often “grazing” at Epcot during one of the many food festivals…

We usually do end up sharing certain QS meals (pizza at Pinocchio’s, turkey legs, popcorn chicken) but the last time we had leftovers at the end of the trip they said we could only make the exchange at certain location (i.e. not the carts where you usually find snacks) and we just used them for traveling treats at the Confectionery.

We were lucky and used a lot of our snacks at the Epcot Flower and Garden. Some of the snacks were $7!!! Well worth it there.

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unless you are doing a lot of character meals you may not find the meal plan worth it