Question about creating a TP

I have some very rough TP formed for our trip. Now that I am 11 days out, I would like to go back and refine the plans. I’m a little perplexed on the details of making the plan.
For example: on day one we arrive in the morning. I have us going to AK by 1pm. But when I plug in attractions TP is starting everything at 3 pm. Can I change the times? Or do I need to add in more attractions and it will fill in the time at the front end? We have FPP for FoP, EE and RoL. Even though I have the times plugged in TP isn’t always using the FPP. Am I missing something?

I’m not sure what it’s doing to your start time - my guess would be that you don’t have enough attractions to fully fill the time; so with ROL on your list it is starting you later to take you all the way to the evening. You could either add more attractions or put a rest in there if you want to go to the park, leave and then come back for ROL.

For your fast passes at the bottom of the fastpass selection box there is a place to click for advanced options. Click that and you’ll be able to tick the box that forces optimize to use your fastpass. Sometimes it doesn’t use the FPP if it can find you a better wait time at another time of day without the FPP.

Depending on when your FPP times are - if you force optimize to use them, that may also solve the issue of the TP starting everything at 3.

Thanks. I thought it might be that I don’t have enough attractions to fill the day. And I will try the force use FPP.

My guess is that’s it’s the number of attractions, and TP selecting the times with the shortest lines for those that you selected.