Question about Contemporary Resort Garden Wing Deluxe rooms

Has anyone stayed in a deluxe room in the Garden Wing at the Contemporary? We have 2 rooms booked off property for the night we return from a cruise. We were able to use reward points to pay for most of the cost. That night is now a MNSSHP at the MK. We have decided to go to the party and are trying to decide if it would be worth it to change our reservation to the Contemporary so that we can walk back to the room after the party ends. There are five of us- 2 adults, 2 children, and a toddler. If anyone has stayed in deluxe room, did you have a good experience with the deluxe room? Is it as large as it looks in the photos? Did you think it was quiet?
Thank you in advance!

I haven’t stayed in the deluxe rooms, but have stayed in the regular garden wing rooms. The room I had was very close to the main building, which I know is where the deluxe rooms are. It was extremely quiet, never heard another person when I was in the room. Had a pool view, again no noise from there. For convenience alone, I would stay at the Contemporary! Save those points for another time.

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Thank you!

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have you also thought of renting points to stay in the DVC at Contemporary as well? Like the idea of walking back from MK

Hi Tigger613. That’s a good idea. We rented points for a 1BR at Bay Lake Tower for earlier in the trip. I didn’t think of renting them for this last night though. I’ll look into it and see how the price compares to the Contemporary with the annual pass discount.

I just checked David’s DVC rental and it would be $600 for a 1BR standard view at BLT. The Deluxe room at the Contemporary in the garden wing is $421.88 (including tax). The 1BR villa would be nice, but since we are checking out the following morning, I think we’ll go with the cheaper, garden wing room.

Assume you are referring to 5109, 5209, 5309? If so, book it. My parents were in 5107 and I “peeked” inside 5109 from the patio. Completely different that anything else in the Garden Wing minus the the Hospitality Suites. Literally a 10 minute walk from MK’s entrance.

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boo427, those are the ones I was talking about. They say they only sleep 4, which was making me hesitate, but we can get a crib or roll away. Thank you for the advice, I appreciate it. I booked it!

@mom I believe it was a Love Seat pullout (double) and a King. The room sits at the angle where the building turns and has more common area space vs. the Standard rooms. I’d request the Ground Floor room to have the patio access.

I’ll do that, thank you!