Question about checkout with luggage on DME to airport


Hi, sorry if this has been covered already but I couldn't find it anywhere. We are staying at All-Star Music and have a 5:45p departure from MCO on 3/4 (a Saturday). I've read that the Magical Express takes you to the airport about 3 hours early, so figuring around 2:30p or so. For various reasons that aren't important here, we will not be having our luggage "magically" transported to the airport but instead will be taking it with us on the bus and checking it at the airport ourselves. My question is that since check out time is earlier than when we'll be leaving for the airport, what can we do with our luggage between checkout time and when we board the bus? I've read that you can precheck your bags at the hotel desk but is there an option to just have them waiting at the desk or whatever for us to take as we board the bus? I booked the later flight with the idea of possibly spending the morning in a park before we leave but if we can't leave our luggage anywhere I guess I will have to rebook to an earlier flight. Unfortunately the precheck just isn't an option for us. Thank you in advance and sorry if this doesn't make sense, it's my first time planning a Disney trip.


If you do not want to do airline checkin at the resort you can check your bags at bell services and pick them back up before you get magical express.


Bell services is great for this! They will give you a barcode tag for each bag, so hang onto it while you're in the parks. Allow about 10-15 minutes (worst case scenario) for them to retrieve your bags when you get back from the parks. We've done this most every trip for our carry on luggage. Enjoy!