Question about changing resort reservation and keeping park reservations

If I were to book a package with tickets at a resort for a trip in 2021 and make park reservations, but then a discount comes out later and I switch resorts to take advantage, effectively canceling my package and booking a new one, would my park reservations transfer or would I have to start again? It shouldn’t matter if you buy tickets separately but I don’t want to do that right now.

Don’t know for sure, but since the word is they based the DPP system on the previous FPP system, I don’t think you would lose anything unless the room was cancelled and nothing else booked in its place within short order (a few days?).

I don’t see why you would lose anything.

However I wouldn’t cancel the package until you had a resort stay and tickets linked in MDE.

I don’t know for sure but I think it works like fastpasses did. As long as you have a new reservation the APR’s should stay. On Tuesday I made all my APR’s. This included a stay at POFQ in Oct. There still has been no opening date give for POFQ so yesterday I was able to switch it to CBR. All my ADR’s stayed. I only modified the existing reservation, so the confirmation number never changed so I would guess if you modified to a promotion instead of making a new reservation you should be good.

@galuchies did you modify online or did you have to call? I need to change dates for our July trip and I don’t want to call. I just can’t remember when online changes for existing reservations are supposed to open.

Maybe this could answer your question:

I reserved my APR’s on Monday.

I switched resorts on Tuesday (due to closure) and POOF! My tickets disappeared from MDE.

HOWEVER–my APR’s Stayed there!!!

So in conclusion, if previously booked APR’s stay in the system even when there is essentially no valid park ticket linked, then I think you’d totally be ok, and would not lose your APR’s

(If you are curious it took a special IT Disney task force called the Avengers to deal with my ticket issue. They are now back. Phew)


That is good to know and I’m glad the Avengers were able to sort you out :slight_smile:

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Ok. I didn’t know you could modify to new resort-I thought that was a cancellation and rebook. Thanks!

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I was able to do it online