Question about Cabana Bay rooms

I’ve posted this to other forums so I apologize if you’ve seen this before, I just haven’t got the answer I’m looking for.

I’m wanting to reserve a Tower Family Suite for my honeymoon (my fiancé and I love mid century modern styles!). But in researching, it seems like there’s different kinds. And when you go to book on the Universal site, it only has 3 room options, so I need to know which room I should book on the site. I know there are different Buildings (Americana, Starlight, Thunderbird, etc.) and a new Beachside tower. Some of the suites seem to have just one bathroom, while some have 2 and 2 bedrooms, some have interior entry and some have exterior entry, etc. To make things simple, here’s what I’m hoping for: an interior room with a good view and no connection to the room next to it (I’ve had bad experiences with loud guests in neighboring rooms and connecting doors don’t help with noise). I really like the rooms seen in these videos: and Especially a view of the water slide (and the lights at night)!

One more thing. I remember Orlando used to do Harry Potter special reservations. With, I think, little Harry Potter freebies and breakfast reservations at both HP restaurants. We booked one a few years ago but had to cancel. I went on the site to look and didn’t see anything about it. Do they still do those occasionally and should I wait until they do again?

Thank you so much for any info you can give!

Is this what you are looking for?

Aw, it says “there is no information for the selected deal” when I click that. :frowning: Was that the Harry Potter promo?

We’ve had the poolside family suites (courtyard) the last few times we stayed there. Those were the ones that faced the water slide. In order to see the pool, you HAVE to request courtyard, or they will put you in the poolside section, but facing the other side of the building, which I believe is the parking lot (they are in the same area, and are both suites, but you go through a little outdoor hallway to get to them). The rooms were bigger than the regular rooms, and had a kitchenette, and sliding door separating the room from the living room pullout couch. We stayed in a different type of room once, and requested to switch to these. They are nicer in my opinion. I hope you have a nice time, we love Cabana Bay!

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There are 2 pool complexes at Cabana Bay: one has a water slide and the other has a lazy river (there is no water slide at the lazy river pool complex). The Tower Family Suite Poolside will overlook the pool with the lazy river. The Tower Family Suites have the interior corridors as seen in the video that you linked. Both YouTube videos show Tower Family Suite Poolside.

The Courtyard Family Suites Poolside will overlook the pool complex with the water slide. You access these rooms through an outdoor hallway as @padfoot86 mentioned.

The 2 bedroom 2 bathroom suites are in the new tower. They sleep 8 people (family suites sleep 6) and overlook Volcano Bay water park. They cost about 2x as much as the family suites. There are far fewer 2 bedroom suites than family suites so book well in advance if you are interested in one of these.

I’m not sure if they are offering Harry Potter packages at the moment. However, anyone can have breakfast at The Three Broomsticks and Leaky Cauldron. My family was there the 3rd week of June in 2017 and we just walked up to the counter and ordered breakfast at Leaky Cauldron and 3 Broomsticks. It was the least busy either restaurant was all day!

Yes. It is under ‘Vacation packages’.

So, let me see if I have this all straight…?
-Tower Family Suite Poolside=interior room entry and faces lazy river
-Courtyard Tower Family Suite Poolside=exterior room entry and faces water slide (if you specifically request courtyard, if not, parking lot view)

Yeah, on that one video at night I couldn’t tell if it was a view of the water slide or not.

I’m totally going to go to the Harry Potter restaurants, I was just hoping to have the extra fun of doing the package.

This is a lot of info, thank you all so much!!!

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Yes, this is correct. The Tower Family Suites are definitely on the lazy river courtyard side (Americana and Continental buildings). You may want to call Cabana Bay and ask if there is any special request you need to make to get a pool view.

There is currently a Harry Potter package being offered through Universal. It needs to be booked by December 12, 2018 and it is good for travel through December 31, 2019. It is likely that there will also be special packages for the Celebration of Harry Potter event that takes place in late January.

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Awesome, thank you so much! Oh, I totally thought it said must travel before December 31, 2018 instead of 2019 when I looked, great!

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