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New to DVC. Not sure if I’ll explain this right, but I am hoping someone can help answer this question. We are planning a 5 day trip in January. Luckily, we got 5 consecutive nights at Riviera, but it is a lot of points. I am going to try to wait list and build a potential alternative at beach club (which would be fewer points, and we love that resort). I know it’s unlikely, but worth a shot. I have 1 night so far, in the middle of the trip. At this point, I am out of points from my 2023 use year but have plenty of points to borrow from 2024. I know that borrowing is a 1-way transaction. If I end up getting what I need at BC and can cancel Riviera (at 31 days), I think I am fine, because the points used to book Riviera are from 2023. So they’d just go back into 2023, and I can bank in advance of my cut off. But let’s say I only get 2 nights at BC, and we decide we’d just rather stick with Riv to avoid a split stay. Some used to book the BC room are borrowed, so I would have to use them before the end of my use year. But I’m still staying at the Riv. If you call DVC, will they swap out the points, so that the Riv stay uses the borrowed points, and the 2023 points are back in your account (and can be banked for the next year)?

Sorry for the lengthy message. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for your thoughts!

I think you should call and ask. If they can, they will…if they can’t…the other option would be to risk cancelling it yourself and immediately rebooking…but if anyone has a wait-list you risk losing it altogether. So calling first in case they can do it will only cost you time.

There is some rule that they will not switch out points on a resort that was booked with the 7-11 month advantage but that doesn’t seem to apply here?

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You mean if we booked at our home resort before 7 months? Correct, that is not the case. Booked Riv at 7 months, own at VGF.

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If Riviera was your home resort and you booked that during your home resort booking window and then wanted to use other points, they wouldn’t do it/ but you should be good.

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You wouldn’t necessarily have to call either.
Once you’d cancelled BCV you could go in to the RIV reservation, click modify and just go through without changing anything. It would then pull the banked points first, leaving the current points free to bank. But MS could do it for you.

As well as remembering the 31 days (do it a few days earlier in case there are technical issues), you also need to be mindful of your banking window. 4 months before your use year ends.