Question about booking packages

We are planning a short 3 day trip in November or December of 2020 to hold us over until our next weeklong trip in 2022. Right now my son who will be 16 in 2020 is saying he’s not sure he wants to come on the shorter trip. I would like to book a package deal when they come out, I’m suspicious that as we get closer to the date he will want to join us - I just can’t imagine anyone saying no to a Disney trip :laughing:. Is it pretty easy to just drop someone off of your plans? Or should I not book for him and possibly have to add him on later?

Yes! I have dropped and added the same person in one week (long story). I would add him now.


A 16 year old who wants the house to himself. Can you say “Party!! and Girls!!”? At sixteen I actually skipped a WDW trip w/ my parents for pretty much this reason. It was the first time I got seriously drunk.


Oh no! Well, now I’m sold on booking him for the trip.


And/or find the grumpiest potential house/teen sitter you know and say you’ve spoken with them about staying at the house while the rest of you are gone on the trip and they are on board.

Bet he’ll change his mind then.


Yup. I was 17, my whole family went upstate and I threw a HUGE party at my house. Unfortunately didn’t get to enjoy more than a half a beer because I was busy dealing with all the other drunk people, but still had tons of fun. Also had some amazing friends who had already started cleaning the house before I woke up.
One of my best memories :grin:

Me too. To this day I can’t hear UB40’s - “Red, Red Wine” without thinking about that night. It was what was playing right before I passed out. =P

I see Jello shots and am instantly transported :joy:

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