Question about Biergarten

I don’t currently have a countdown but after viewing a few of the Dining threads I started thinking about Restaurants i might like to try in the future. Last trip I avoided biergarten because of the family style seating. Was this a dumb move? Most of the time I enjoy quiet dining with my wife. Would I still be able to enjoy myself in that environment? I do enjoy a good party. Just not too fond of strangers. TIA

Hi @jtothet We love the Biergarten. We’ve dined there on our last 4 trips. We’ve been as small as a party of 3 and as large as a party of 5. We’ve been seated with others each time and while it’s awkward at first it really is quite fun. This past trip it was just DH and I and the family we were seated with was completed unsure of why we were following them to the table when the waitress was seating us. I say give it a try. If the others in the party don’t want to talk the atmosphere and entertainment will be enough to keep you and DW occupied. The food is great and it’s a buffet so you can always try new things and go back for more.

We love it there. We have been a party of 6 and a party of 4. So we have either been seated with 2 or 4 strangers. To be honest, I barely knew they were there. I’m so busy with my boys and with them eating and conversing with my family that the other people were a non factor. And if you have ever eaten at San Angel Inn in Mexico, that may as well be considered family-style seating as the tables are so close together. I felt like I could rest my elbows on the next table there. All is good and I don’t think you should count out new dining experiences.

We are a family of 4 and we were seated with another family of 4. They were from Missouri (we live in Iowa) and they have made several trips to Disney so we had lots to discuss. They were very nice and friendly. We really loved the food at Biergarten and it’s a must do for our next trip.

I go solo more often than not and BG is probably my favorite in-park restaurant in WDW. Yes, you will be at a table with “strangers”. I have never had a “bad” experience. On one trip I was seated next to a couple who had never been to EP before; we hit it off and I ended up touring with them for the rest of the day (I kind of felt like an un-paid plaid, but it was fun). The “worst” experience was being seated next to two adult Brazilian chaperones whose English was limited to one word phrases. Most of the time each party at the table is so self-involved, there’s rarely more than a hello and a few “nicities” exchanged. The food is some of the most authentic available in WS, and the entertainment is a lot of fun. I really think you should try it at least once.

We are usually a big enough group to have our own table. In Feb it was just DW & I. I was hesitant but was glad we went. We sat with a party of 4 and another couple. They were locals & really helped us out (we were looking for a house). I would do it again.

I usually like privacy, but you’re dining with people who (in almost all cases) have chosen to visit Disney World, so you’ll most likely have something in common to talk about.

My husband doesn’t enjoy making small talk with strangers, but says that Biergarten is his favorite WDW restaurant. My DH and I have been twice as a party of 2 and once with friends as a party of 4. On our first visit we were seated with a family of 5 and a solo diner. We exchanged “hellos” and commented here and there about the food and entertainment, but that was about it. It wasn’t awkward because the musicians were terrific entertainment, and it was a bit loud and not necessary to have a conversation. On our second and third visits we found that we had some things in common with the people at our table and there was more conversation. Hope you have fun if you decide to give it a try!