Question about becoming a Disney travel agent. Help!

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I don’t post often but when I do it’s on Chat. Anyway I was just wondering if any of you travel agents could point me in the right direction for researching how to become a Disney travel agent. I searched online but it is hard to tell what is legit or not. Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated. Not sure if it’s the right thing for me but I am seriously curious about getting legitimate info on how to go about it. Thanks in advance!



I have wondered about this myself. Hopefully you get some good information from folks in the know!


Maybe look on FB for a company and contact them, not really sure!! Good luck!!!

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I haven’t been a travel agent (TA) myself, but I worked for a company that was part travel agency, and they did lots Disney (AAA Travel, specifically the one with Auto Club of Southern California). I don’t know all the details, but here are a few things:
BIG DISCLAIMER: I haven’t worked at a travel agency in 5ish years and this is a mix of memory and Google-Fu.
The official Disney TA site is
You need to have an IATA/IATAN or CLIA number to do much with Disney’s TA stuff. Both are Travel Agency ID numbers. IATA is required to issue airline tickets. CLIA is from the cruise line industry and doesn’t allow issuing airline tickets. You generally need to have some form of business to get either number, you can’t just sign up and not do anything. I am not sure about CLIA but IATA requires proof you are making travel sales before they accredit you.

Several sources I read state very firmly that you only get to do Disney TA training (like the College of Disney Knowledge courses) after you are already a travel agent. It’s not a program to get you into the business.

My personal advice is to find an existing travel agency to hire you. From what I have seen, Disney-specific agencies often want people with existing Travel Agent experience, so you may have more luck looking for Agencies that do all kinds of travel. Often, you start out doing walk-in stuff at a physical agency or other work to try and drive new business, and over time (years) you build up your own client base. If you leave, sometimes part of that base will follow you to your new agency. But that takes a lot of time and work.

This specific post on wdwmagic, while old, has some good general info about what to expect

There is an in depth article about how to be a Disney travel agent here. The post covers what a Disney travel agent is, where to find travel agencies that book Disney vacations, how to apply, what skills you need, tips for your application, what to look for in a travel agency…

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Maybe try to get on with Disney Moms Panel, not sure if its gender specific, but that would give u “official” Disney experience on paper.

Thanks! I asked this question 2 yrs ago. Since then I have become a Travel Agent!


Someone bumped it lol, ive been guilty of that too. Congrats! Do u just love it?

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