Question about Annual pass upgrade

My daughter and I have a trip planned Nov 19 - 28. We will likely be back again next year and usually for at least 5 or 6 days. I know that upgrading at least one of our tickets (mine obviously) would be a good move based on the price and available discounts (especially resort only discounts). When I called Disney today to ask about upgrading, the CM said that I have to upgrade before I go into the park - not over the phone - and that I have to do it before we go into the parks at all or each day of my park hopper that has been “used” will not be used toward the upgrade. This seems contrary to what I have read here before? So my questions are: 1. Can I upgrade over the phone and just got a misinformed CM? My magic bands have not arrived for my trip yet. And 2. I thought that I could upgrade my ticket at any point during my trip and the AP would backdate to my first day (Nov. 19)? Is this not the case? Thanks for your help!

I feel pretty uniformed about AP upgrades, so will be folllowing your thread. Thanks! I have a really dumb related question. Why is it often recommended to upgrade only one person in household and not the entire household?

That doesn’t sound right to me. I plan to upgrade my tickets to an AP after entering the park on our first day (10/31). I wouldn’t have an opportunity to do it before entering as I will be on a mad dash to TSMM. Mr. Itty and other have said specifically not to upgrade until you have used the ticket once.

Your AP will be activated based on the first day you enter the park. Did you order discounted tickets from a seller other than Disney? If you did, you should pay AP price minus Disney price for the AP. If you bought through Disney there will not be a savings. There are rumors that Disney no longer allows the savings but I do not think that is confirmed. Know your math before you go!

Sounds like you were talking with a less-than-knowledgeable CM. I don’t know about phone upgrades, but you can upgrade after entering a park at guest services. In fact, if you are upgrading a discounted ticket, you will want to enter a park at least once before upgrading in order to get credit for the full WDW gate price of your ticket.

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I bought the tickets as part of a package from Disney.

I was trying to book another trip in March, but since I can’t upgrade to the annual pass until I get there, how do I book a package?? I won’t need tickets… Just a room and dining. Should I book a room only and worry about the rest after November?? Just trying to get the best deal possible.

With regular tickets you cannot book a package without adding tickets. You can book a RO reservation, or wait and book a RO with your AP discount ( or apply the discount later if you book now). You can add dining to AP room but you may be better off with tables in wonderland.

Thanks all!