Question about already added G+ and changing resorts

I’ve already booked my package with hotel, and tickets with hopper and G+ - did it before the “you can’t buy it in advance” deadline.

IF I change my hotel, does that affect the rest of it - like would that remove G+ from the tickets? Or do the tickets remain the same that were already purchased with the package?

(Yes, I could ask my TA, but I know she has some stuff going on with her daughter so I’m trying not to bother her more than necessary.)


I came here to ask this same question just now :sweat_smile:


OK I just tried it now on MDE. There is a warning that pops up that says if you modify and your dates are for 2022, you can keep it, but if it is for 2023 you cannot.


Cool. This is for August 2022 so I should be ok. HOPEFULLY things work and I don’t have to change resorts, but good to know just in case!

I was wondering the same thing! Good to know.

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