Question about ADR and packages

Hi! I’m travelling to Disney in late January 2018, so I’m near the 180 days period to book my favourite restaurants. I’ll reserve my disney package (hotel + tickets, no dinning plan yet) through a travel agency here in my country, ant they’ll give me the reservation code which I have to include in MDE account.

So, due to my stay in a Disney hotel, I pretend to use the ADR (up to 10 days after my check-in date), and make my reservation for the most difficult restaurants (BOG, perhaps CRT, etc).

Also, I’ll like to use the “Stay Play Save & Dine” promotion, which is usually available for my period of stay, so I’ll have to wait till sept/oct to see if the promotion becomes available. In case it’s positive, my travel agency told me they have to cancel my first reservation (hotel + tickets) and make another one (hotel + tickets + dinning plan), so I’d have to cancel the old reservation code and enter a new one in MDE account. My question is: in that case, do I lost my original dinning reservations?

Thanks in advance,


No you will not lose your dining reservations.

As long as all of your dining reservations are within 180 days, they will stay on your MDE account regardless of whether or not you have an on-site hotel booking associated with it. Therefore, cancelling your hotel booking will not cancel your ADRs.

Perfect! Thanks to all!