Question about 7DMT times

We used Touring Plans for our 2013 Spring Break trips and found all of the wait times to be spot on - LOVED IT! So we are going back this April and I have done my personalized plans - I’m worried, though, because my plan is showing a 12 minute wait for 7DMT at 8:09 AM on 4/7. This is a 7AM EMH day. It just seems from what I have read on other sites that this is a serious underestimation of what the time might actually be. I do have FP+ for it later in the morning so it isn’t a huge deal if we don’t get onto it twice… but I am wondering if this is a glitch? Will the rest of my wait times be accurate? Thanks for any info.

E-mail with your question about the accuracy of the wait time prediction and include the URL of your plan. They are usually pretty quick about looking into these things and getting back to you.

I can see that being close for two reasons:

  1. not a lot of people will be there for a 7AM EMH
  2. FP will only be open for 9 min at that point, so it shouldn’t back up as bad if the full capacity is dedicated to stand by.

The exact same thing happened in my TP for a 7:00am EMH. I figured it wasn’t worth the risk of getting caught in a line and kept 7DMT as our 1st stop in the morning. I’d be curious to see what you find out, though…

This is the plan:

You have to make the plan public for us to see it.