Quelle surprise! A Disneyland Paris Trip Report continues…

After lunch we hit up Ratatouille (loved it more than I remembered), Flying Carpets over Agrabah (DD6’s choice), and the. watched DS9 do single rider on RC racer while DD6 ate cotton candy and DW& I enjoyed a refreshing glass of rosé.

By this time it was warm - 27C/80F and there was not much shade around. We ended up taking a Mickey bar break near the toilets behind animation academy.

Then we caught the next showing of Mickey and the Magician. This has been on my wishlist for years and it was exactly what everyone says. The sets, singing and overall production value were top notch. And the AC was heavenly.

After this it was time to hop over to Disneyland park.


Great photo of the three of you!


Ears first. You taught them well.


Ok this is important - team bars or team sandwich?

(I know they only have bars at DLP and weird strawberry ones at that :smirk:)

also: welcome and thanks for sharing your trip! :wave:

I took my kids to a quick weekend trip in DLP in april and I just realized I never really finished my trip write up…


Wait, there’s another way? How does that even work?

Personally I’m Team Bars, but like you said:

so not sure yet where the kids stand. It’s been >3 years since our last WDW visit, so we’ll have to do a family taste test when we head over there in 2024 :smiley:


I get it. Getting this report together is taking much more time than I expected. Now I see why others do theirs live. I’m way busier after the trip.


Day two continued…

Arriving at DP around 6:30pm it felt like coming home. It’s my favorite version of Main Street USA. And sorry-not-sorry it’s the most beautiful castle of all the parks. In 2021 it was under refurbishment so this was the kids first time actually seeing it :heart_eyes:

We headed for IASW with only a 5 min wait. But when we arrived it quickly jumped to 20 mins. So we pivoted to Casey Jr. Then it was time to eat.

After some not-so-terrible veggie hot dogs at Casey’s (the kids really like them. They’re picky eaters. I’ll gladly take the win), we relaxed near the hub for a while.

Next we hit up Star Tours (DD6 first time. She loved it!), IASW, Teacups and Dumbo. By this time the sun was beautifully setting and it was time to head to the hub for the main event - Disney D-light (drone show) and Disney Dreams.

Fantasyland was closed for the drones & fireworks so we were rerouted to the hub via Frontierland. We arrived 30 mins before showtime, but it was absolute pandemonium. All pathways were packed and not a single CM in sight doing anything remotely resembling crowd control.

We could barely navigate with DD6’ small stroller - there were zero walking paths - and ended up joining others in an elevated planter in front of Casey’s. I really don’t think we would have been allowed to stand here in the US parks.

I saw someone else post this about DLP and I have to agree: people here are much less considerate when holding up their phones & children for the night show vs any time I can recall in the US parks.

I had a pretty ok view between two trees, with DD6 on my shoulders leaning against another tree to try and not block others’ views. But as soon as D-light began the woman in front of me shot her phone up holding it directly in my sight line. I was really annoyed, so I tapped her shoulder. It went something like…

Me: I can’t see. Your phone is in my way.
Her: yes [does not lower her phone]
Me: would you please move it? It’s hard to see
Her: yes, it’s difficult [still does not lower phone]

That was basically it. I didn’t have room to maneuver so was stuck with half a view of the castle and a full view of her phone for the entirety of both shows. C’est la vie

Before Disney Dreams started DS9 was complaining about seeing. So DD6 was plopped onto DW’s shoulders and he was hoisted up onto mine. This was equally sweet as it was punishing for both DW & I. Our backs were glad we wouldn’t be catching the show again this trip.

D-light is jaw-dropping amazing. The drones are spectacular. The US parks should really intro these. Sorry no pics, couldn’t manage with DD6 on my shoulders. Plus my photos would be mostly of that woman’s phone…:unamused:

The Disney Dreams projection show was also wonderful. Perhaps not HEA-good, but still great. It was refreshing to see a castle show centered on older, classic IP - Peter Pan is the protagonist and Alice in Wonderland is also featured.

After that, we exited slowly via the Liberty Arcade and hoofed it back to Hotel Cheyenne. The next day would be a full day at DP. With temperatures above 32C / 90F :hot_face:


There’s so animals out there that go for the cheeks first. Animals…

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Reviving my abandoned DLP TR to share some pics from a spontaneous day at DLP yesterday.

After three days of sights in Paris with my father for his 70th birthday trip, we decided to scrap our last days plans and head to Disneyland park instead. It was his first time at DLP and we had an amazing time.

Am writing this in the Thalys back to Amsterdam and hope the WiFi will cooperate so I can share some pics. Enjoy.

Started off the morning right on the best ride in the park - BTMRR

ETA: now with photos. Thalys WiFi did not cooperate.


Exploring Fantasyland

Sleeping Beauty walkthrough


La Tanière du Dragon


Ears first, right @LTinNC82?


Beautiful pictures - thanks for sharing! I love seeing DLP pics while I’m planning my December trip, it all adds to the joyful anticipation :slight_smile:

It must have been so fun to get to show your father around DLP for the first time, and it looks like the weather was absolutely perfect.


Always! But you’ve got the wrong frozen treat dude. #teamsandwich


Will need to try to join #teamsandwich next time I’m stateside :wink:




Beautiful ceiling inside Hakuna Matata QS restaurant. Was renovated in past 12 months. Highly recommend for the the atmosphere and AC. We quite liked the vegan African meal.

Then we popped over to see the wonderful Lion King: Rhythm of the Pride Lands. Fantastic singers and aerial acrobats.

Then some exploring of Adventureland


It was :blush:. This was our first Disney visit together in 10 years, so felt pretty magical. Especially just the two of us, and that we didn’t plan for it to happen.

It wasn’t (for me) :unamused:. Beginning of the latest EU heat wave. Was 30C/86F+ all day. A bit too hot at times. (Yes, I know this pales to FL. But hot is still hot :wink:)


Unfortunately, I don’t think DLP has Mickey sandwiches. I’ve also read that the Mickey bars have a higher quality ice cream than the ones in the US parks.

I will sacrifice my calorie count and taste test the bars at DLP and WDW. I’m in DLP mid-November and WDW early December!