QSDP credits

Let’s say, hypothetically, on a resort only stay, I didn’t want to pay an extra $25 for my room with a third adult and put DS15 on the room reservation instead. If on this one night hotel stay, I decided to purchase the quick service dining plan, can I go to the register with two adult QS meals and two alcoholic drinks, scan my magic band to pay for both meals using the DS15 credit and my own credit?

Are the QS credits pooled or only good for the individual with the magic band tied to that QS credit?

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Unclear at this time
At one time they were very definitely pooled, and you could game the system a bit by getting a regular (adult) meal using a kids’ QS credit because they couldn’t differentiate them in the system.
There are reports that now they are tied to individuals
But since it’s only been running a month, and since very few if any Liners here in Forum have purchased the plan, we don’t have a lot of direct info just yet.

But I think since your DS meal is an adult meal you probably could do what you’re saying

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Would they flag his credits as under-21, so no boozahol?

That’s what we don’t know, right?

I would encourage @JenniferB1975 to test it out and report back. For science.


You are speaking Greek to me. :face_with_peeking_eye: :rofl:

What do you mean when you say you will put “DS15 on the room reservation instead”? Instead of someone else? Instead of on a different reservation? I don’t get how you can avoid putting all three adults on the room reservation if you’re doing a package. I also don’t understand why you wouldn’t be able to use your credit and DS’s credit for two separate meals - I thought that was the whole idea.

I’m so confused. :joy:

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Honestly most of the question confused me too so I just focused on the part about can person A use their magic band to purchase Person B’s QS meal. It seemed to be the crux of the question


Oh! I get that part now at least. :rofl:

I would have assumed this was the case if you’re all in the same room since it would be a pain to scan every individual’s Magic Band. So I guess the question is if your party is across two different rooms / reservations?

I’m not putting the three adult females on the room reservation because I don’t want to pay an extra $25 for a third adult. I put DS on the reservation in place of 3rd adult for occupancy. We are not going to the parks.

I’d do a ticketless package if I did add the QS dining plan for the one night. Typically I just use Disney gift cards for food but when I looked at cost of 2 QS meals, plus alcohol, plus the mug, plus one snack it was more than what the QS plan would cost. So I was thinking about if I could make that work.

Does that make more sense??

I have always used a TA but I knew I wasn’t going to include the third adult on the reservation so I didn’t use her this time or I would have asked her.

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Oh so DS15 doesn’t count as an adult for room occupancy? I was confused about that bit because he’s still an adult for ticket / meal purposes.

And I’m assuming you mean he’s not going to be there at all so his account is a proxy for one of the real people who will be there. You could also enter one of the actual people but say their age is under 18 for purposes of the reservation. Just theoretically.

No. Adults for room occupancy are 18+. First two are “free”, more than two 18+ and it’s a per-person charge

Why? IDK and it’s absolutely absurd but whatever. Their house their rules I guess


No DS will not be there.

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I too think it’s absurd and that’s why I’m skirting the rules. It doesn’t cost them any more money to have three over 18 year olds vs 2 adults and a 15 year old in a room.

And why oh why is the adult charge different depending on resort category. I paid the extra $15 last year when we stayed at Pop but I’m not paying an extra $25 just because we are at CBR. A room is a room and a body in a bed is just that, regardless of age.


Agree. You’re not over capacity. Never have understood it

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Just saw on WDW Prep School site that DDP can only be added to ticketless packages for those with AP and Military Tickets so my question is now a moot point. Thanks for helping me Disney math.

I’ve had military tickets before and added the dining plan but not this time since it’s a resort only stay.