QS opinions needed (and some questions, too)

Good grief. I am starting a lot of threads these days, but I seem to only get so far with searches… I get old ones.

That said, my family and I are going in November and will dine almost exclusively at QS for lunch and dinner. Using WDWINFO menus I have written down every QS (and some walk up stands) and basically what they serve and the price range. I have done this before to help me make selections. What I can’t find out is which places have seats, or are just walk up windows.

We have always had our go-tos, primarily because our oldest son has a LOT of food allergies. Traveling without him has the potential to change our formula.

Can anyone tell me if these places have seating, or are they just walk up places?
Golden Oak
Lunching Pad
Is Tomorrowland Terrace only open seasonally?

Yorkshire Fish
La Cantina

Woody’s lunchbox

8 Spoon Café
Smiling Croc

I also don’t understand what has happened to Restaurantosaurus. Is it ONLY the pay-one-price thing now? And when did Flame Tree get so spendy?

I’m seriously thinking of having my two little ones split an adult meal in a lot of places as the kids’ meals are super redundant and they don’t eat much volume-wise. I would rather buy them fun desserts at off times than see them take two bites out of pizzas or toss 1/3 of their chicken nuggets.

I’d love to hear what people like for QS and even why…
I really prefer sitting down at tables to eat.


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Woody’s is a window with outdoor seating
La cantina is a window with covered outdoor seating

I fed my kids what they wanted within reason when they ate hungry. I didn’t try to force them to eat a full meal if they said they weren’t hungry. My picky daughter’s favorite was the cart near the land pavilion in epcot that had fruit trays and veggie trays.

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Kringla had outdoor seating.


Golden Oak doesn’t have seating (at least not that I remember) but it is just across from Pecos Bill and Tortuga which both have seating. The Lunching Pad has outdoor seating. And Tomorrowland Terrace is only open seasonally.

All the Epcot locations you mentioned have outdoor seating. As do all the ones at HS you mention.

There isn’t seating at Eight Spoons or Smiling Croc (although they are both relatively close to the outdoor seating by Flametree). And Kusafiri doesn’t have seating (but there is outdoor seating across the way by the fruit market).


It does, but very, very little. It is all outside. But they have good nuggets, and plenty for the price.


From the blogs I’ve read about the Restaurantosaurus burger and sundae thing, it’s only at dinner but doesn’t replace the regular menu. It’s a separate section of the restaurant.

We like La Cantina, but if you sit near the railing by the water, beware of the birds. They attack.


Soooooo helpful! Thank you!!

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This is very good to know. I don’t relax when I’m working to protect my food. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


One of my kids loves nuggets (though most others do not). I saw the prices on these and thought it looked like a good option. Thank you.

Yup. The “gourmet” part is a totally separate menu that goes off the left. The rest of the QS stuff is still the standard and is off the to the right.

The gourmet part is also Table Service, I think? I could be wrong though but it acted like table service cause they brought the food out to me, but it was up to me to get my own drink.

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from what you could tell did all diners have access to toppings bar? And do you remember if the “gourmet” side included a beverage?

If yes, then maybe the flat rate is better for food, drink, and dessert. ??? But there are probably better treats out there anyway…

No, QS and gourmet was totally separate. So they didn’t have access to the gourmet toppings bar, which was all geared toward the ice cream. And yes, you got a drink with the meal.

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Ooooo. Restaurantosaurus without a toppings bar is lame IMO. And while ice cream bars are fun, there are way more Disney-ish desserts out there (I’m looking at you Lion King cupcake).
Thank you, @Randall1028.

I keep ziploc bags in my park bag - that way I can package up whatever they didn’t eat b/c they usually get hungry again an hour later. Typically when my kids get a kid meal, the packaged adders (apples, carrots, yogurt, etc) go right in the bag for later and they eat whatever else they order. We do split meals pretty often though - I give them options and we discuss budget, so either you split something now and get a snack later, or you each get a meal. I like QS for this reason. Also, water only, no drinks unless they order kids meal and it comes with it. Sometimes we just snack all day, particularly at EP worlds.


This sounds great. Good plan.
I’m the queen of ziplocks and labels and sharpies. Etc. Thank you.

I do think the younger two will like the idea of sharing a meal and getting a fun snack later.

I think my budget is a fair one, I just don’t like waste.

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In the past they have also allowed you to eat inside if La Hacienda is not open for dinner.

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It’s just me + 3 boys (14-10). It’s not uncommon for us to split 2 adult plates, or order salads &/or appetizers. Lately, we often pick places based on whether they have mobile ordering - that way we can view in the app while waiting in lines, then grab a seat and wait on the food. Mobile ordering is a game changer!

Food is such a personal thing. We like variety and tend to steer clear of the typical chicken nuggets, pizza & burgers, so our choices may not be yours.

Some recent fast or QS dining go-tos with seating:
MK - Harbor house, Pecos bill, but nothing here is really inspiring. I do like Jungle Canteen - I’ll typically order a salad and kids will get kids meals, so not too spendy and pretty fast, but better food
EP - Tangierine cafe, Les Halles, Katsura, Sunshine - although if there is a festival while you are there, we love to eat/snack at the little kitchens and will do that rather than eat a meal. Never a problem to find good food here and we often hop over just to eat.
HS - I genuinely hate the food at HS and 9/10 will eat popcorn until we can hop to Epcot to eat something decent. (Galaxy may change this)
AK - So many options here - Harambe mkt, Yak and Yeti, Satu’li (kids love the pod burgers), even Flame tree (and I am not even a BBQ fan). There is also some good kiosk food, but not always open.

I do often plan our park days so we can eat in either Epcot or AK, b/c I like food options better there and kids agree!


Totally agree with not liking waste! I’m the same way. I cannot stand throwing perfectly good food away. I usually have the popcorn bucket in my park back-pack, so food goes in there so it doesn’t get squished. This is typically smaller leftovers that will become snacks in an hour or so, so I don’t worry about spoilage. I’m not smuggling out fish in a paper towel like my grandma once did.

Speaking of fish - I think the fish and chips at England are pretty gross - too greasy. Just FYI - but it does make a convenient snack to split if you like it!

If we eat a bigger/nicer meal, and have leftovers, we may get go-boxes and make a quick run to the hotel to drop in the fridge - these are typically planned “splurge” meals. Leftovers make great breakfasts. lol!

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One more thought - many of the QS have outdoor dining that may be less desirable bc of rain or heat, or may just be impossible to find a place to sit - it’s good to have ideas of where to go if you really need a break from the weather, or crowds, or standing, or just need a better meal. I’ve never had a problem picking up a TS reservation at off hours (unless it’s during a surprise deluge on a very crowded day). I think it’s usually about an hour wait, so if you start looking at 1pm, reservations will start around 2 pm. Just b/c it’s TS doesn’t mean you have to order full meals - appetizers are fun. We’re very go-with-the-mood diners, which makes QS appealing, but more than once have snagged a TS b/c we needed it. One of my favorite meals ever was dropping into the place in Italy, I ordered a seafood salad appetizer w/ a glass of wine and the kids split a lasagna (I think) and we just chilled out for a bit. Again, may be more difficult with allergies, but just my $0.02. Obviously I have strong opinions on food, even though I never plan it ahead and think ADRs are too constraining … Ha!

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We liked Pecos in MK. An order of tortilla chips with the toppings bar is a great light meal/heavy snack. DD8 really liked the mac n cheese here. We also liked Yak n Yeti QS but the portions there aren’t as large as at some other places in case you are considering sharing. Most QS places sharing will make sense sense - eg. places have an adult chicken 8 pc chicken nugget meal with fries that would be more food than DD&I can eat. We also often snack rather than have a QS meal and share 2 snacks between the 3 of us - pretzel, churro, cinnamon roll, ice cream.

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