QS breakfast options at AK?

We’ve only ever done a 1/2 day at AK before w/ Tusker House lunch, but planning on whole day this trip (scored FoP FP, woohoo!). Will arrive between 9-10am, any good QS breakfast suggestions?

Satuli Canteen in Pandora had a breakfast menu that I was looking forward to trying, but now it looks like the menu has been taken off of the Disney site, so maybe they aren’t serving anymore? :disappointed:

For our AK morning, we have decided on cereal at the resort and a walking breakfast in the park to take the most advantage of our time there, not to mention the minimal AK breakfast offerings. We will be grabbing some yummy pastries at Kusafiri Coffee Shop and Bakery. They also have a hot breakfast wrap. We chose Kusafiri over Creature Comforts because we are not Starbucks fans. We’ve never had Joffrey’s but we’re hoping that they do smaller batch roasting since they roast specifically for the park only.

I know that wasn’t helpful, as far as QS goes, but just thought I would throw that idea at you in case you don’t find a QS you think you would enjoy.

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Yes, Satu’li will only be doing breakfast during peak seasons now. Guess people were too busy standing in line for FoP to buy French toast…


I’ve noticed QS breakfasts are pretty lacking in all of the parks. I thought when they opened MK all the way to the hub prior to RD they would surely have a lot of options on Main St. Looks like it started out that way, but now they have scaled back to only serving pastries at Starbucks again, for the most part. I guess eating breakfast in the parks isn’t very popular. But for me, with the hub opening, I would prefer to forego breakfast at the resort so I can be in the park earlier, prior to RD.

Anyone have breakfast experience at Yak & Yeti? The QS one…

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From what I understand, it’s new. Haven’t tried it yet, but it looks promising.

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