QS Arrival Dinner Suggestion

Only 7 days until we arrive! This girl is pretty excited. I’m traveling with my 3 men: DH (1st trip), DS19 and DS17 (both their 6th time). It will be my 7th stay.

Our flight should land at 5pm on Oct 31. I’ve booked a Quicksilver SUV to pick us up at the airport and take us to ASMu, with a grocery stop on the way. I’m estimating that we should be in our room by 7pm (correct me if my guess is off). We will be starving for sure.

While I don’t want to book a TS as we have a early morning the next day, I’m looking for a QS option other than the ASMu food court that will get our party into the WDW vibe. I was thinking a MK area resort QS meal with a monorail ride. Any suggestions on where to eat in this area?

If you’re not getting to your resort til 7pm, and will be starving by then, I would definitely reconsider going anywhere but ASMu food court.

Plan on it taking you an hour to get from there to a QS location at an MK resort. You’ll need to bus to MK, clear security, and then boat, monoral, or walk to a monorail resort.

I would plan on it taking 45 minutes to an hour to go to DS.

An exception might be if you take an Uber/Lyft/Minnie Van but even then you’re looking at a solid 30 minutes before you arrive at a QS location.

If I were to arrive at 7pm starving, I would be quite happy to eat at the resort food court.


PrePandemic the QS at All Stars was decent, w/ a lot of choices. They can still have specials that are good. I agree w/ OBNurse about the hour and time involved to get anywhere else. But if you are intent on venturing out I have to recommend Capt Hooks at the Poly and then maybe you can catch the fireworks sitting on the beach eating a dole whip. Check the show times first though.

I second this.

How much travel time do you want to commit? An uber to the Epcot resorts would give you multiple options.

Honestly I’d probably just grab a food court pizza (they’ll make it hot and fresh) and enjoy the movie by the pool or something at the resort.


I think time will be against you, unless you are fine with eating at 8:30pm. Have you considered hitting Disney Springs before your get to hotel? If you have cold stuff, usually you can get a styrofoam icechest at grocery’s (at least around here). If not, I would just hit the food court or Mc Donalds. Personally though, we like Jersey Mike’s at the airport to start and/or end out trip.

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With your arrival time that late, I’d just eat at ASMu food court.

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Got my expectations realigned. I’ll see how we feel once we check in and decide then where to eat.

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If you’re able to swing it timewise, I recommend heading to the campsite for P&Js takeout and perusing (maybe even trick or treating) the campsite decorations. This is one of our favorite Christmastime arrival night traditions and we’ve heard that Halloween is impressive too.

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