Pure Panic - last minute trip 2/16-18 (Dolphin?)

Well, pure panic over here as bf and I are 98% sure we are going to do a last minute trip to Disney 2/16-18. His family is selling their second home in Key Largo so we will be down there as one last hurrah, but he also needs to take one of the cars back up north via the autotrain, and how can one not go to Disney when you have to be in Orlando anyway? We would stay at the Dolphin. I think.

Reasons of panic:

  • we hadn’t planned on going back until our October 2021 trip, so I have only been half paying attention to the happenings in the world. Aka how even is 2pm park hopping going?
  • BF is trifty and wants to drive up the morning of 2/16 and go straight to the park. That is 4.5 hours from Key Largo and a big no for me. I want to go the night before (2/15) because they only time I will wake up pre-6am for Disney is a runDisney event (RIP). How do I convince him?
  • Should we look at resorts other than Swolphin? It is actually really reasonable and we are big fans of the Epcot resorts due to walking.
  • I am so underwater at work and will continue to be that I feel like I can’t even direct my anxious excitement towards planning. TBH that is the most panic, that I actually have to do my job, you know?
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Park hopping is going great! Just plan to arrive at your second park right at or after 2pm and you should be fine.

I would personally drive up the night before! I’m not an early riser either, but if I am rising early I’d prefer to be there for rope drop, not in a car for 4.5 hours.

Swolphin is an awesome choice for a short trip. HS is where it’s at these days. And Epcot is fun with the festivals, etc.

Most of us on here have a job but you wouldn’t know it based on how often we post. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh and the latest: bf is now realizing that we can do three 1 day tix for a lower price of two day park hoppers. I don’t know how to not park hop to Epcot at night. What would we do? Work? No but in all seriousness…I see a lot of folks resort hopping. We do not like DS so that’s a no from me dawg.


Sounds to me like room for negotiation — drive up the night before, or have park hoppers…

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You could stay at some random cheap place near Disney just to crash the night before. Eat dinner at key largo, drive to random hotel, crash there leaving your luggage in the car just bringing in toiletries and a change of clothes. It isn’t like you’ll be enjoying any of the hotels amenities that night and you won’t miss out on any on-site benefits, such as they are.

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Updates, we are booked all around. Plans:
-leave Key Largo at some point 2/15. Staying somewhere cheap in Celebration. I have a reservation at Raglan Road that evening but prefer Sanaa.
-2/16 early rise, drive over to the Dolphin, drop bags and park reservation at MK. Will probably hop to Epcot or AK, TBD. Currently have a rez at Sanaa at 8:55pm. But hoping for Teppen Edo and have a reservation find out on it.
-2/17 reservation at HS, tbd on park hopping. I have a reservation find for Ogas…the 17th is my bday so hoping for that Ogas to come through
-2/18 leaving this day via auto train and didn’t get park tix. I will probably resort hop until we need to leave around 2pm


Latest update: we pushed our trip back a day to enjoy another nice day in Key Largo before heading North to rain. Therefore, leaving Keys on Tuesday 2/16 in the late afternoon and evening. I have an RR rez but might push and dump it. We have HS 2/17, am nervous as heck abt getting a BG, then will hop to Epcot around 2, eat eat eat/drink drink drink head back to Dolphin to change, then MK and late bday dinner at CG (9:25pm). MK on 2/18, unsure of where we will hop to - BF is indifferent about AK but I love it there…maybe convincing will be needed.

I have been reading up on all the tips for BG. Just need to decide if I multi task on personal cell AND work cell or focus on one. Personal is ATT and work is Verizon.


Verizon gets better service in wdw
Let me add. Sprint sux there. Att not too bad.