Purchasing Tickets

Okay, I’m feeling a bit silly and confused. This is my first time buying tickets while staying offsite. If I log on to Disney, it has myself, wife, oldest daughter, and grandma. This time grandma won’t be coming but my younger daughter will be joining us. So removing one and adding one.

Now I’ll be purchasing tickets from one of the TP recommended 3rd party sites. Does my information on the My Disney Experience or whatever have to be correct in order to marry the tickets to my account?

Does this makes sense? Just not sure what I need to do in order to purchase tickets and be ready to buy G+, $ILL’s etc.

I just had to do this for my 1st off-site visit.
Boardwalk tickets emailed me a code, which I entered into MDE which paired the tickets. You can then assign them to anyone who exists on your list. I would probably add the new person 1st. You don’t have to remove anyone, as you assign the tickets person by person. That person will just not have a ticket assigned.

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