Purchasing Magic Bands

We head out for our long delayed trip to Universal and WDW in just a few weeks! :smiley: We have magic bands from our last trip in 2018 which we plan to bring with us to use. So long as they work for entering our room and tapping into the parks and LLs, we should be fine. We looked at preordering new bands but the selection was pretty small (as of today only 4 options).

We are open to purchasing new bands after arrival if our old ones don’t work properly. Staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge and our first park day is at MK. Do they sell magic bands in the store at AKL? That would be the easiest spot for us. Alternatively, what are good stores in MK to buy magic bands?

Thanks for any help.

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AKL will definitely have some, although the choices will likely be limited. The Space Mountain gift shop usually had the best selection in the MK IIRC, although I didn’t pay close attention last week to see if that was still true or not unfortunately. The main gift shop and the Frontier Trading Post near Country Bears are likely the best other options that may have a reasonable selection.


At MK, probably most gift shops will have some supply of them. Definitely the Emporium will, though.

I think Disney is being particularly stingy. Magic Bands abound in the parks for purchase, so the fact that they only have a handful of options that no one wants is just a money grab to get you to pay full price at the parks instead of offering them to on site guests ahead of time at a discount.

The only reason I would buy a new one is if we decided to get the photo package. Not really any other reason to buy one if you have old ones already available to use.


Here’s some I saw today near spaceship earth shops


I read on chat yesterday some new ones showed up on shopDisney. Not sure if they are sold out yet though. They go fast.

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The new ones arrive July 27th.

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Any word on when Magic Bands will be available at Disneyland in California?
I’ve read 2022 but haven’t seen any updates. Thanks!

No idea, sorry. This might be more readily answered in the Disneyland section of the forum.