Purchasing groceries for hotel room?

Hello Disney peeps.

My son is a milkoholic, so we will need to purchase a gallon of milk, along with some fruits, light snacks and bottled h20.
We are staying at the French Quarters. I am considering going through Garden Grocers. However they are little inflated, plus the delivery fee. Is their a better alternative for purchasing food (milk & Produce,) in the park close to our hotel?

Thank you!!!

Just for purchasing milk, we have always had success going to the QS location and asking there. They have been able to sell us a gallon of milk - although you have to ask a CM for it. It’s possible at some places we went to the store to do so & I don’t remember for sure which one at POFQ, but we have never failed to get a gallon somewhere over the years (we stayed at POFQ twice so I’m sure we did the milk trick there in the past).

Typically we’d pack our dry food, including single serve cereal plus spoons/bowls and then buy milk on site. Always worked for us, although depending on what you want the grocery delivery options may be a better option now, particularly for the bottled water as you likely don’t want to pack that for a flight…

other than milk, I’ve heard people say they order from Amazon grocer and have delivered - snacks, small toys, water, etc.

Havent tried it myself, but I’ve considered it.

Use Instacart to order whatever you want from Publix. Much larger selection than Garden Grocer with better prices, and you can get perishables and “adult beverages”, unlike Amazon.

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New blog post, it should help.

I have always purchased at the hotel store to be honest. We have packed fruits etc. I don’t know if I would trust a gallon to the hotel fridge - it keeps things cool but not cold IMHO.

I second using Instacart from Publix. Prices the same as if you went to the store (we have done that for years in Orlando), first delivery is free. I will never waste time shopping at a store there again! I also used it in San Francisco, worked just as well. Love Instacart!

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Thanks for all the excellent suggestions! I am currently a prime member. So I’m going to check that out.
I’ll also check out Publix. I want to see who has better prices.

Outside of perishables (and even some of them). We pack from home. Not so much to save $ (although it does) but more to save time. We take anything that we need for the room - mostly breakfast and snacks. My wife puts bread in a shoe box (she’s so smart) so it doesn’t get crushed. But we get single serve PButter and I take oatmeal and run the water through the coffee maker. We’ll take granola bars etc and have taken fruit as well (usually in a carry on). It works pretty well then we don’t have to worry about coordinating anything. Usually fly South West so checking bags isn’t an issue.

The one thing we do purchase regularly is milk. Personally I get smaller containers and put it in an ice bucket in the fridge so it is super cold. We also back (in checked luggage) small things of grape juice.

Anything to make the vacation as easy as possible. It is the time when I TRY to turn my ADD and OCD off

Good advice. My wife is the packer, maybe she can fit a few items that could tide us over when we get the early morning or late night snack cravings.