Pull Down Bed Size

What size of a kid is too big for the pull down beds at Caribbean Beach Resort. I was planning on using it for my 9-year-old, but watching some video tours has me a bit concerned.

I’m considering moving to the Art of Animation family suites, but I’d rather keep my reservation as is if we won’t be too uncomfortable.

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a quick google says:
the actual mattress is about 63 inches in length by 32 inches in width . This is smaller than a standard twin mattress (75” x 39”)

I think a nine year old will be fine. My 13 year old has slept on these in lots of Disney hotels and she is 5’5"


Well the one she slept in last was the one in Boardwalk and it’s a bit longer but also narrower and she is 65" and medium size in weight (I think 40th percentile) but she said it was comfortable:
1 single pull-down bed (29" x 67")

So far my 10 y/o and 6 y/o DDs have slept super comfortably in them!


Thanks for the replies. We’ve never been to Florida before so these forums (and youtube) have been very beneficial.

We had a pull down at Riverside. If the measurements are the same my tiny 14 yr old fit, lol.

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My 16 year old niece fit on the one at CBR. I have slept on the one at BW.

Some of the pull down beds are adorable. I might steal it and make one of my kids sleep with my husband haha

The only thing I miss in a bed is it being adjustable. Around 4:30 am DH snored like a buzz saw. One little push of a button, done. On vacation… try maneuvering an extra pillow under someone’s head without waking them up! Lol, challenge accepted!

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DH’s snoring is so terrible, I don’t mind waking him up at all if it helps to get it stopped! We had a horribly expensive deluxe room at BWI and we were all in agreement that he’d get the third bed in the sitting room, just to spare the rest of us.

More to the OP’s point, the pulldown bed should be fine. It is about the same size as the 3rd bed in the 5-person rooms we used to get at BWI and YC. We switched to the Deluxe room because my youngest got too big for it once he hit his teens, and then we really did need room for 5 adults. Actually, that’s now official policy:

  • Families of 5 over 18 now only have the options of family suites at Art of Animation, All-Star Family Suites, deluxe resorts, and deluxe villas

But Disney did inspire me to install a cushion of that smaller size in our new home as a “book nook” in the library, which can double as a bed for the grand kids- if we are lucky enough to get any some day!

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