Publix closed Easter Sunday

LOL this is what I get for overplanning. After all my agonizing about the water delivery, I finally decided to go with Instacart and have everything (including water) delivered the afternoon we arrive at AKL, this Sunday. Which is Easter Sunday, and PUBLIX IS CLOSED ON EASTER! I had everything added to my cart and was all ready to schedule delivery just to get it out of the way, and I realized that Sunday isn’t an option. So I looked at their website and yup, they are closed. Gah, now I have to start all over again with Prime Now. Let’s hope that Whole Foods isn’t closed on Sunday as well.

If this is the only hiccup I’ll consider myself lucky. It just never occurred to me that the grocery store would be closed on Easter. Here in NY you can’t buy booze before noon on Sundays, but they are always open at least part of the day on holidays.

When I was young, EVERYTHING except gas stations were closed on Easter (and even then, some gas stations were). It is refreshing to see that SOME places still close for Easter. It is a rare thing, though, these days.


Yeah, being from the NYC/Northern NJ area, I can’t imagine major stores being closed on a full day for Easter! I feel your pain!

So living in the south, I can’t imagine stores being open. So many things are closed on Easter here not just Publix–Target is closed, our mall is closed.

Here in the Northwest, nothing will close for Easter. I am surprised Target and the mall would close!

Oh my gosh Target never closes here!! Maybe on Christmas, but that’s about it. I get it, It just wasn’t on my radar. I did check Whole Foods and they are open 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Easter. I’m guessing that their Amazon overlords wouldn’t let them close. :wink:

Yep. Every year.
My DD works retail at a mall in Nashville near her school and was originally scheduled to work because they were going to open the mall for the first time ever on Easter. Well, yesterday she found out that isn’t happening because the mall will indeed be closed.

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It’s actually kind of eery if you drive around on Easter with everything closed.

I’m so glad they are closed. I’m a bakery manager for a grocery store (NC) and we don’t even have reduced hours on Easter. We close early on Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve, which they keep pushing later, and are closed Christmas. Publix’s holiday hours make me want to go there, but I just have too much to loose after 21 years.