PTN on Sunday 11/27

We realized our only chance to see Paint the Night is the Sunday after thanksgiving. Given that we have 1 shot to see it during our 4 day trip (11/27-11/30), I need your guidance! Is is correct to assume the 10:30 parade will be less crowded than the 6:30 parade? Has the 10:30 ever been cancelled? What time do we have to secure a spot to ensure that we can actually see it and where is the best place to sit? We will be at DCA all day This is going to be a late night for the kiddos (5 and 8) but we think the parade is SO worth it!

Thanks in advance!

I don’t know if they have cancelled the parade, but when we have gone, the 10:30 is much, much less crowded than the earlier one. Last time we watched it, we waited for the later one and we were back near It’s A Small World area. There was only a few people that far back in the park. I think many people were closer to the entrance of the park.